The two most harmful words in the English language are ‘good job.’ ”

Sunday dispatch from the freezing rain hell of Minnesota.   Just finished a solid week in London, doing my part to improve our ability to catch the bad guys.  Got to meet many of the members of my London team in person for the first time, reconnect with colleagues on non-stop agenda, and enjoy a few craft beers from the emerging London beer scene. A bit exhausting really, but well worth the time. Lost last weekend to travel, and this one to the obligatory plague that comes with embedding with human biomass on trains, plains and airports and their surrounding ecosystems for a full day of travel.   Easing back into the time adjustment by waking up with a head cold and a racing mind at 4:00am.   Here’s what’s on my mind this week.


Finally getting around to part 2 of the AI article from WaitButWhy…  essential reading for anyone in technology, and or anyone who wants to know when the Terminators are coming.  Enjoyed Mr. Ellis’ latest article in Esquire about The New Tech Disruption… murdering business and haunting their corpses… every time I read Warren’s work the line blurs more between himself and Spider Jerusalem.   Alternating chapters between The End of Power, The Phoenix Project, and Reality Based Leadership.


Really appreciating the Arachnys approach to managing adverse media, and fond of their Compass site as well.  Initial phases of investigation on transactive memory systems.  Stay tuned on that one.


Attempting to start a book club at work to indulge my inner organizational development nerd.  Invited 25 people. So far 2 have responded.  Awe inspiring, isn’t it? It all starts somewhere.   This week starts potty training for my soon to be two year old daughter, with a solid foundation (pun intended) in the Oh Crap! methodology.

Pop Culture:

Long flights across the Atlantic allow me to catch up on movies that have been recommended to me.  Took in:  Whiplash, John Wick, Fury, and the Chicago episode of Sonic Highways. I also polished off Season 4 of the Walking Dead, and am up to date on Season 3 of Vikings.  I think I terrified the passenger next to me during Whiplash by laughing out loud at the most savage of J.K. Simmon’s tongue lashings.  We were able to recover later in the flight by discussing the many talents and merits of Robert Downey, Jr.  and the sad state of Denzel Washington’s current role selection. If you have to cross the Atlantic to London or from London and back to the US, do yourself a favor and fly Virgin Atlantic.

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